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Sunburn/Tanning Burn

We are frequently exposed to sunlight during our day to day activities and especially at weekends or on holiday where we can be outside for extended periods. Sunlight consists of UVA (present all year round and a strong contributor to ageing effects on the skin) and UVB which is responsible for sunburn in the summer months in particular. Sunburn can be particularly discomforting and painful and can take some time before the skin recovers. It can also cause peeling of the skin as it replenishes itself from being burnt.

Here at Nativis, we have developed a Gel that will rapidly sooth the skin from the effects of sunburn, taking away the burning sensation through rapid and deep hydration of the skin. The amino acids present in the gel will facilitate rapid repair of the skin by accelerating the natural bio-repair mechanisms our body uses to overcome the condition. With continued use the gel will quickly reduce the redness, inflammation, itchiness and sensitivity of the burnt regions and will prevent peeling of the skin later. The gel is 100% natural in composition, and contains a natural active ingredient derived from Sericin which we have called Silk Hydra-Fix©. This active ingredient will hydrate the skin and also moisturise it simultaneously to help prevent dehydration. The gel is also oil free and so will not leave an uncomfortable feel after application. Regular use of the Gel after being sunburnt from sun exposure or by a tanning facility should restore the skin to good health after 3-4 days at most.

Products for Sunburn/Tanning Burn
Silk Hydra-Fix Moisturising Gel (200g)Sensitive Soap

Directions for Use - Hydrate and Moisturise the Skin

  1. Gently massage the gel into the affected area with clean fingers. Ideally do this after a cool shower or bath, whilst the skin is still damp.
  2. Repeat the application morning and night and additionally in the day/night time if any discomfort or itchiness is felt.
  3. The Gel can also be used as an after-sun application to relieve any tightness in the skin often associated after exposure to the sun.
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Repeat above procedure daily for best results. Relief from sunburn should be seen within 1-2 hours after application with any burning sensation and sensitivity subsiding. The gel can be applied as often as required in the daytime/night time to give relief from the effects of sunburn. Continued daily use of the Gel for 4-5 days will allow the skin to return to its normal, healthy look and feel.