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driven by nature & science

Nativis has developed a new, natural active ingredient that provides powerful hydrating and moisturisation to skin, hair and nails. We call this Silk Hydra-fix®, the key ingredient in all of our products. Nativis products are designed to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. They are suitable for use on all skin and hair types.

Silk Hydra-Fix®

The active ingredient in all Nativis products is made from sericin, a natural material made from a combination of 18 amino acids. It is produced by silkworms to bind together their cocoons as they are spun.

The benefits of sericin to the skin have been recognised for centuries. In the Far East, bathing in hot water laden with cocoons was widely practiced for the hydrating and moisturising effects this brought to the skin, hair and nails.

Nativis extract this remarkable natural material from silkworm cocoons using a method that minimises damage of its structure. It is then added to the products using other natural ingredients in a way that maintains its active nature. We call our active ingredient Silk Hydra-Fix®.

Silk Hydra-Fix® is the key ingredient in all of our products. It hydrates and moisturises the skin, hair and nails. Provides rapid relief from a range of skin conditions and helps to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

All ingredients in Nativis products are natural and have been selected for their beneficial skin, hair and nail care properties.

Nativis has developed "oil free" products to give relief from skin conditions that may be worsened with these types of ingredients. Such conditions would include acne and rosacea. These products benefit from the double action of the sericin (non-comedogenic) which hydrates and moisturises the skin. These products are also effective for giving relief to conditions such as eczema and psoriasis present in sensitive areas (such as the face, neck, hands shoulders, chest and back).

Additional uses of our oil free products include giving relief to sunburn, shaving burn, cold sores and dryness around the nose and mouth.

The amino acids present in Silk Hydra-Fix® are known to help facilitate and activate the bio-repair mechanisms in skin for a wide range of skin conditions. These work in parallel with the strong hydrating nature of sericin.

Our skincare product range can also reduce fine lines/wrinkles on the face and hands. With regular use, they strengthen nails and can help improve skin tone and colour balance. These are all benefits that are well documented for sericin. Sericin is also effective at stimulating collagen and elastin growth which ultimately provides a firmer, more elastic nature to skin.