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About Us

Our Story

Working as a research assistant at the Oxford silk group, I became very interested in a material called sericin. This material is a protein that holds together the cocoon that a silkworm produces in order to go through metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a moth.

I realised from extensive reading that sericin had very beneficial properties to the skin, in particular its hydrating and moisturising nature. I also realised that there was little or no progress in extracting this material in a way that maintains its active nature. So, work was started in my kitchen to try to accomplish this!

Two years later the extraction process had been perfected. What next? We then started to formulate a skincare cream including the sericin extract. No easy task since the extract I had taken so long to perfect was difficult to work with. After many late nights and trials we came up with a formulation that was stable, passed all the necessary stability and safety tests and what's more, we were getting great results with its use for a wide range of skin conditions.

From the outset we were determined to use only natural ingredients in our formulations, and this is something we have made a core principle. We don't load our products with a wide range of synthetic chemicals as this dilutes the efficacy of the sericin and increases the risk of irritation.

Fast forward to today (eight years from starting out) and we have developed a broad range of skin and haircare products that help relieve and overcome a wide range of skin and hair conditions. We have also built a range of core principles into our company which we believe answer many of the concerns and issues for which there is a growing expectation for, namely the use of natural ingredients, sustainability, cruelty free, high efficacy, social and environmental responsibility and helpful, reliable support.

We can help, we want to help, and we hope that you consider us when trolling through the endless "quick fixes" and "cures" being pedalled for such a wide range of skin conditions that so many are faced with today.

Cruelty-Free Products

Cruelty free products

We work closely with our cocoon suppliers to ensure that silkworms are not harmed and can progress through their complete life cycle. Our suppliers harvest the cocoons after they have been spun and the silkworms are then carefully removed and allowed to complete their life cycle. The cocoons we receive are not baked dry as they are in the textile industry. This helps to maintain the natural state of the sericin prior to extraction and preserves its active nature.

None of our formulations are tested on animals.

100% Natural Ingredients

Our products have been formulated using only natural ingredients. They have been carefully selected for the benefits they bring to skin, nail and hair care. By limiting the ingredients to those that are natural and effective, adverse reactions to our products are minimised. Our formulations are simple, and we are totally transparent regarding the ingredients we use. The preservative system we use throughout our products is natural, beneficial to skin and derived from fruit sources. This reinforces our commitment to using only natural ingredients whilst providing assurance that our products are safe to use. We have been granted a two-year shelf life for our products with a PAO (Period after opening) of one year as a result of stability tests we have had performed (these tests are required by law for water-based products).

We do not incorporate any of the following ingredients into our formulations: Silicone oils or derivatives, petroleum derived ingredients, sodium lauryl sulphate, EDTA, micro-plastics or nanomaterials, parabens, alcohols, fragrances or dyes/colourants.

Sustainable & Environmentally Aware

Silkworms are reared from the leaves of the White Mulberry tree. These trees are typically grown on land that is considered unfit for rearing arable crops for food production. We work closely with out suppliers to produce silkworm cocoons without killing the silkworm (which is what happens with cocoons reared for textile applications). All silkworms that produce cocoons for our application are allowed to complete their life cycle. We are cruelty free and the production process used for the rearing of the cocoons is sustainable.

We have very little waste in our manufacturing process. Our main “waste product” is high grade silk fibres which are “cruelty free” and can be used to produce cruelty free textiles.

We use no harsh chemicals or expensive, energy consuming production processes in the manufacture of any of our products, giving us a low carbon footprint. Our ingredients are natural and therefore also have these characteristics. Because we use only natural ingredients and we add only what is required to our formulations we have no toxic or dangerous waste to handle or dispose of. Our products and our manufacturing processes are harmless to the environment.

We use recyclable packaging as much as possible (aluminium tins and bottles, cardboard and recyclable shipping materials). Plastics are used in some of our dispensing systems although these are of a recyclable grade.

We have only harmless residual waste from our manufacturing processes -almost all of what we manufacture ends up as final product.

Social Responsibility

Social Commitment

Nativis are committed to working with charities that help the homeless and vulnerable members of our society. We participate and contribute towards a wide range of activities to get people back into mainstream society, providing much needed support in areas such as accommodation, physical and mental healthcare.

It is our intention to donate profits from Nativis to these causes whilst maintaining our involvement in these critical services that so many rely upon.