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Silk Hydra-Fix® Face Serum 100g

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Silk Hydra-Fix Face Serum 100g

Silk Hydra-Fix® Face Serum is a gentle, fast acting hydrator and moisturiser with cleansing action that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, soft, relaxed and cleansed. It should be applied in the morning and at night after washing. Rapid absorption makes for a perfect make-up primer. Its strong cleansing action helps remove dead skin cells that aggregate around hair follicles, blocking pores and causing spots to develop. Over time it evens skin tone and gives a softer, smoother feel to the skin. Because Silk Hydra-Fix® penetrates deeply into the skin, it can encourage the growth of collagen giving a fresher, firmer look to the skin. It will also fade fine lines and wrinkles with regular use. Non comedogenic (oil free), it will not block skin pores which can cause spots to develop.

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Terms & Conditions

aqua, sericin, guar gum, natural preservative (citrus reticulata fruit extract, citrus aurantium amara fruit extract, citrus aurantium sinensis peel extract, d-a-tocopherol, ascorbic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, glycerin, benzyl alcohol)

Apply to face morning and night after washing for maximum benefit. It can also be applied to the ears, neck and around the eyes. The chest and back may benefit from application to help calm and manage acne in these regions.

Dispense a small quantity into a clean palm and gently cover the face/ears/neck regions. Take a clean cotton pad and wipe the skin regions that have been covered. This will remove dead skin cells readily from the skin surface.

Allow to dry fully. Make-up can be applied directly to the face after cleansing.

Suitable for males and females from 6m+. Do not use to treat nappy rash or to moisturise after waxing. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Do not ingest.

• I have always had an oily complexion on my face since I was young. This often gave my skin a shiny look to it and I would regularly get spots. Since using the Silk Hydra-Fix® Moisturising Face Serum, my skin is not oily at all – it feels normal and I very rarely get spots anymore. On the rare occasion a spot develops it is normally gone within a day or two. Fantastic product, non-greasy and makes the skin feel very relaxed. I can also apply make up directly onto my skin after application! Thank you, Sarah, Oxford.

• I have been using the Silk Hydra-Fix® Face serum for about a year now. I have suffered from oily skin and spots on my face and neck for most of my adult life and this product has done wonders to my skin. It is no longer oily, and I rarely get spots forming now. On the odd occasion one appears it is usually gone within a day or two. I have also found that applying behind the ears has cleared up my eczema which at times could get sore and infected which is great. Nicholas, Basingstoke.

• I have been using the Silk Hydra-Fix® Face Serum for three months now to try and control my acne. It helps to prevent breakouts (even after shaving which was always a problem) which I rarely have now. I apply twice a day morning and night. My skin feels less oily and not tight anymore as a result of using this product from Nativis, YJ, Oxford.

• I started to develop Acne abut a year ago on my cheeks and forehead. By washing with the Nativis Sensitive Soap morning and night and applying the face serum my acne has virtually gone. This took about three months regular use to clear up. My skin now feels less oily and the tone is much more even. I continue to use these products even though my acne has gone because they make your skin feel great. Hope, Henley

• After shaving I find that my skin feels tight and dry. Applying the face serum takes away the tenderness and restores my skins natural feel. It works as a great after shave treatment and has the added benefit of being fragrance free. Nick, Hampshire

• I work outside and, in the summer, I often get mild sunburn on my face even when taking the normal precautions. Being of a fair complexion, this can be uncomfortable at times. Using the Hydra-fix body mist I find that the stinging sensation rapidly goes, and my skin feels relaxed and hydrated. Very effective. Dan, Reading

I use the face serum. As a teenager I find it’s not at all greasy or oily and my skin is very smooth and clear of teenage spots. Max, 15