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Silk Hydra-Fix® Body Mist 200g

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Silk Hydra-Fix Body Mist 200g

Silk Hydra-Fix® Body Mist is a great moisturiser and can be applied after bathing, showering and sun exposure. It has anti-bacterial properties and is cleansing in nature. The active ingredient is effective at removing dead skin cells that aggregate around hair follicles and can be the cause of spots developing. Non comedogenic (oil free), it will not block skin pores which can lead to the development of spots and breakouts.

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Terms & Conditions

aqua, sericin, natural preservative (citrus reticulata fruit extract, citrus aurantium amara fruit extract, citrus aurantium sinensis peel extract, d-a-tocopherol, ascorbic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, glycerin, benzyl alcohol), guar gum.

Spray liberally over the body after drying off from a shower or bath. It is best to apply whilst the skin is still damp. Massage in gently with clean hands. Ideal moisturiser to use after bathing/showering, swimming, exercise, sauna/spa and sun exposure.

Acne sufferers: Face, neck, chest and back application: First wash affected area with a natural soap. We recommend using Silk Hydra-Fix® sensitive soap available from Nativis. Dab dry affected area with a clean towel. Apply spray liberally, avoiding direct contact with eyes. Use a clean cotton pad and massage affected area gently. This spray will cleanse the skin, removing dead skin cells from the surface which can block pores and cause spots/breakouts to occur. The active ingredient is active in several different ways at different levels to combat acne; It cleanses and hydrates the skin. Hydration of the skin can often reduce the amount of natural oil that the body produces, reducing the occurence of blocked skin pores and hair follicles. Positive results should be observed after a few days of use. Perform this routine first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Continue for at least 28 days to see the full benefits.

Suitable for males and females from 3m+. Do not use to treat nappy rash or to moisturise after waxing. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Do not ingest.

• I have suffered with acne on my back since my teenage years. Nothing really helped to calm it down or supress it. I began applying the body mist to my back after showering. Being a mist I can spray it onto my back easily and then rub it into my skin with a towel. After a couple of months I noticed a real improvement and now there is virtually no evidence of acne. It would at times get painful with breakouts and large spots often forming. I am so glad to have found a product that has allowed me to overcome this long-lasting condition. NH, Hull

• My back would often itch whilst in bed, making it almost impossible to sleep. I used the Silk Hydra-Fix® Body Mist on my back and the itching would disappear in seconds. The effect was long lasting which allowed me to get to sleep without any problems. A very effective product against itchiness and inflammation. PJ, Birmingham

• I use the Hydra-Fix Body mist as a cleanser for my face and neck. After washing, I spray the mist over my face and use a cotton pad to cleanse my face. It seems to really help in the control of my acne. I can see the dirt coming off my face which is encouraging as it indicates that it works effectively as a cleanser. What I really like is that I can use it around my eyes and on my eyelids without any stinging or pain. Isabella, Henley

Another multi use product. I use sprayed on cotton pads as a cleanser and toner prior to gel and then moisturiser as part of my beauty regime morning and night. Leaves my skin feeling clean and soothing and find it removes face and eye make-up but without the harshness of other cleanser/toners. I also use as a setting spray after make-up application and really gives a dewy look and really sets make up. I also use as an eye spray as using a computer all day and being a contact lens wearer, my eyes can get quite dry red and sore. Spraying this on my eyes (even with contacts in) really soothes and rejuvenates. Nicola, Reading