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Silk Hydra-Fix® Sensitive Soap Bar 75g

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Silk Hydra-Fix Sensitive Soap Bar 75g

A soap bar developed using only natural ingredients including the Nativis extracted natural active ingredient, Silk Hydra-Fix®. It contains no artificial soaping/foaming agents (such as SLS) and instead relies on the natural soaping properties of two key ingredients, coconut oil and castor oil. This soap provides a hydrating action to the skin from the sericin and a moisturising action from the natural oils present in the soap.

Its mild, cleansing, hydrating and moisturising nature makes it an ideal soap to cleanse sensitive skin that may be dry in nature or affected by conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or rosacea.

Having a pH of 7, this soap will not dry the skin or compromise its natural barrier function. Most commercial soaps which are alkaline in nature (pH > 7) will have this affect on the skin

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Terms & Conditions

unrefined organic virgin coconut oil, organic virgin olive oil, silk hydro-fix®, lye, castor oil, virgin argan oil, unrefined organic shea butter, beeswax.

An all over body soap, ideal for use in the shower or bath. All natural formulation with no synthetic sudding agents (SLS Free).

Apply soap to skin and leave on for 30-60 seconds to allow Silk Hydra-Fix® to be absorbed into the skin. Rinse off and dry.

Soap can be used to wash hair (short to medium length) and scalp. Ideal for the the management of dry scalp/dandruff. Wet hair and massage soap bar into hair & scalp to produce a lather. Leave in place for 30-60 seconds once fully applied. Rinse and dry.

Suitable for males and females from 3m+. Avoid contact with the eyes (it will sting!!). Do not ingest. Contains oils derived from nuts.

I have been using this soap bar for the last 18 months. Usually I have to use hand cream during the winter as my hands get really dry but, since using the soap bar, I have found this completely unnecessary. All the family use the soap bar. It's much better for the environemnt rather than using soap from a plastic dispenser. It never dries or cracks either! Sally, Newbury

I’ve never been a soap user as always found them too drying or couldn’t find one that didn’t irritate my sensitive skin but since being asked to try this, I am a soap convert. This is so moisturising, and I can use all over. It’s great to use on face (particularly when removing make-up, including waterproof mascara!), leaves smooth and doesn’t give you that tight feeling that some others do. You can really feel it ‘deep cleaning’ and face and body always has that ‘squeaky’ clean feeling. Because of sensitive skin I could only ever use the overpriced feminine wash products, but I can use this soap and have had no problems - brilliant money saver! Used in conjunction with the body mist, gel and moisturiser morning and night I now love my skincare routine and my skin, face and body has never been in as good a condition. Nicola, Reading