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Silk Hydra-Fix® Hairspray 200g

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Silk Hydra-Fix Hairspray 200g

Oil free hairspray which can be applied to damp hair (after washing, swimming) or dry hair. Allows all hair types to be detangled easily by brushing after application, reducing hair loss through breakage. Coats the hair with Silk Hydra-Fix® which gives a smooth final appearance. Strengthens, shines and protects hair from sun damage and pollutants. Skin friendly with beneficial effects on scalp (Hydrates and moisturises).

It is ideal for getting children ready for school in the morning because of its strong detangling nature. Knotting can be particularly painful otherwise with significant breakage through pulling (painful and distressing), especially when brushing curly/frizzy hair types.

Once applied to dry hair it can be straightened or styled (curls and/or waves) at low styling temperatures (typically < 120°C). Styling below this temperature prevents damage to the hair structure (Keratin). Makes it an ideal product for regular styling and will typically last for 12-24 hours.

Ideal for styling/straightening hair for weddings, parties, dinner functions, dating, job interviews or just trying out a new look.

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Terms & Conditions

aqua, sericin, natural preservative (citrus reticulata fruit extract, citrus aurantium amara fruit extract, citrus aurantium sinensis peel extract, d-a-tocopherol, ascorbic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, glycerin, benzyl alcohol), guar gum

After washing hair, dry with a towel and then apply to damp hair and brush through. Allow to dry naturally or with the aid of a hair dryer.

Apply to dry hair after waking. Brush in and feel the difference! Hair will brush more easily, making the morning maintenance routine much easier and quicker.

For styling, carry out either above and then use heating tongs at a low temperature setting to straighten or style hair - it is important to stlye hair once it has dried. Never try to style or straighten hair whilst it is damp or wet. It really is as easy as this. Styling will last for a minimum of 12 hours and experience has shown us that styling holds for up to 24 hours, even longer, if a light hair spray (fixative) is applied after styling/straightening.

For frizzy and tightly curled hair apply liberally all over hair and through the layers and allow to dry naturally or with a hair dryer. Use a brush in combination with a hair dryer after the application of the Hydra-Fix® Hairspray to make the process even easier. The use of a concentrator on the hair dryer will really help in the detangling and brushing process. Brush from the roots out to the ends with the concentrator pressing down on the hair brush for maximum affect.

Apply daily in the mornings before brushing to maximise the benefits of this hair spray.

This product is suitable for children (3+ years) and adults. It can be used on all hair types.

Best detangling spray. I have thick long hair that breaks easily when brushing. A spritz of this all over after washing makes brushing so much easier and I’ve noticed less hair coming out when washing or on my brush. I also spritz on dry hair before using straighteners to use as a heat protector and find it reduces frizz from heat. Use it on my daughter’s hair that is very fine, that knotted easily which no matter how much was brushed always still looked like she’d just got out of bed and would just look messy all day. Since using this her hair is always smooth and even looks thicker and the best is no more tears when brushing her hair! Nicola, Reading

I have mixed race hair and it can be quite dry and frizzy. The hairspray adds moisture to my hair and smooths it down a lot before I style it. Carmen, Reading.

I use the spray on my hair which can be dry. It’s really helped where I have an itchy scalp. Max, Reading

I totally love you hairspray. It's so versatile ... I love how it can create a wet look for my wavy hair on one day ... and then the next day a smooth shiny finish ... I've never found anything that can make my blonde hair shine like this! Sam, Reading

• I am of mixed race and have very frizzy, dense hair which is long and so difficult to manage. Using the Nativis conditioning hairspray allows me to manage my hair much more easily than in the past. I spritz my hair liberally and it makes it much easier to brush and style. There is far less breakage than in the past. My hair no longer feels dry and is much softer to touch. I have also used this hairspray to straighten my hair at low temperatures which has been invaluable to me for preparing for Ballet competitions, weddings and school events. Hope, Henley on Thames.

• My young daughter has long, frizzy hair, tightly curled and it gets knotted very easily. In the past I used a range of softeners to try and manage her hair which was time consuming and not very effective-it left her hair feeling sticky with a greasy look to it. My daughter would feel pain when her hair was brushed, and it would always take ages to get her ready for school in the morning. Now with the Nativis hairspray I can have her hair brushed and ready in ten minutes without the drama and upset this caused in the past. Her hair feels much softer and has lost its dryness. It detangles easily during brushing when the hairspray is applied and there is far less breakage. A great product that saves time and tears. Highly recommended. Nomsa, Henley on Thames.

• My hair is fine and shoulder length. It can get knotted quite easily and used to take ages to brush – often with significant breakage. I now use the Nativis Hairspray to manage my hair. Brushing is so much easier and it feels softer, stronger and has a more voluminous nature. It also has a healthy shine to it which I love. I have used the hairspray to put curls and waves into my hair which works wonders. Styling will easily last for 12 hours so ideal for going out. LG, Banbury

• I have long, thick hair that flows halfway down my back. After washing my hair I brush it whilst it is still damp. This is a nightmare with lots of pulling required to take out all the knots and tangles. I have found that by spritzing the Nativis Hairspray into my hair whilst damp it is so so much easier to brush and detangle. This saves me time and there is far less hair loss as a result of breakage during brushing. Once dried my hair feels so smooth and shiny. I absolutely love this product. It also works very well on dry hair which is a real bonus for getting ready in the morning. Helen, Banbury